Director's Letter

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Adoption is often surprising. This story is like mine but in reverse... I expected to adopt sisters, but ended up with a boy!

Mom Adopts Six Sisters

You just never know. Expect the unexpected seems to be the message. This is a note from one of our families...

"I was blessed to be chosen to be the mother of a 3 month old boy born thousands of miles away and living in an orphanage. Just a few months later, the ‘plan’ was changed. The country stopped adoption and his birth family returned for him. I was left wondering, ‘What now?’ It was then that I began to research domestic adoption and found that Jackie, Peggy and Tracy would be able to help. I loved that I could stay with ‘my adoption family’ as I continued the journey. I was encouraged when I felt overwhelmed with the process and relied on Jackie’s compassion to keep everything in perspective. In January my son was born, perfect and beautiful. It was love at first sight. I am now the mother of two wonderful children. I will always be grateful and honored that I had the opportunity to work with these wonderful women."

We are so happy to help kids find loving families! Let us know if your plans change and if we can help in any way. You just never know...

Love is an action, not a feeling.

—Jackie Semar
Executive Director

Very happy to report that we have now completed 22 adoptions from Burundi! We’ve had a busy year, with several families who received referrals at the end of 2017 coming home with their children this summer. Bravo Burundi!