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About Us

International Child Foundation was founded in 2004, starting with international adoption and expanding to include domestic. We offer comprehensive services for families and free services for birthmothers.

Families and birth parents know us to be compassionate and professional. Agency social workers go the extra mile. Birthparents are treated with respect. Our home studies are affordable!

We have counselors assisting with pregnancy options in Phoenix, Tucson, Kingman, Prescott, Flagstaff, Nogales and rural areas of Arizona. International families stretch across the planet. Don’t hesitate to call. We’re here to help!


Our Commitments

Our adoption agency prizes honesty, empathy and integrity. Many of us are adoptive parents ourselves. We sincerely want to help children find forever families, help expectant parents make choices that feel right to them, and help adoptive parents navigate adoption successfully.

Privacy Policy

The agency does not release information about clients or donors to any entity or person without express written permission. Our records are private and confidential and may only be accessed by our staff or state licensing or accreditation personnel.

Regarding third-party vendors

If you choose to order third-party products or services recommended by us you are not protected by our privacy policy. As a purchaser of a product from a third-party vendor or private company, your privacy is subject to their policies and may or may not be protected.


We believe our destiny as humans rests on our ability to love each other as brothers and sisters. Adoption creates families from across the United States and many parts of the globe — mixing heritage and culture, and bringing the world together. Adoption expands our identities and widens our horizons.

Our staff advocate for children across the world — highlighting their rights and needs.

We provide free support services to birthmothers. We have wonderful, caring and open-hearted families waiting to adopt. 


The Governing Board is composed of directors who believe domestic and international adoption are vital for the welfare of children. The board includes Dr. Andrzej Weichsel, Dr. Jacques Mauger, Ms. Maryline Boulay, Mr. Bruce Walker, Mr. Steven Chang, Ms. Joay Atkinson, Ms. Lori Chang and Executive Director, Jackie Semar. Several board members have personal experience with adoption or are adoptive parents.